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Restaurant Table Management System

Online restaurant reservation system for better customer experience, and to maximize their output.


Restaurant Delivers Food to a Customer

An order is typically made through a restaurant, or through a food ordering company.

Pick Up

Orders Placed Offsite

Food that is cooked in a restaurant and taken by a Customer to be eaten in another place.

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They motivate and inspire every level of their staff from the chefs to the waiters. You need a team of motivated individuals that is willing to fight to the end with you. It is vital to improving your business.


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Features of R4U Platform

Does My Restaurant Need To Have A Website?
Yes, you need a website. It is a powerful marketing tool. Why? Knowing that nearly 2/3 of the entire world connects to the internet via mobile devices should be enough to show you the value of a website. Before people visit a restaurant, they want to see reviews, comments, and ratings.


Fast and mobile friendly site that adjusts to all screens to really engage your audience.

Chain Restaurants

Can be used to manage multiple restaurant locations through a single, easy to use interface.

Easy To Read Menu

Menu should always be available to customers, accessible from any mobile device with the prices included.


Address, Contact Information, and Operating Hours

Testimonials and Reviews

People want to rely on other people to help them make a decision.

Social Media Profiles

The number of people engaging on social networking sites is increasing by the day, so shared content grows exponentially in kind.

Booking and Reservations

People love making reservations without having to call in.

Tempting Food Pictures

Picture can make all the difference, but a bad one can keep people from wanting to eat at your restaurant at all.

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